Worker Houses

Public Housing, Souda Area in Chania This project’s main feature is to be susnstainable with the use of a solar powered hydroponic heat-retention system. The buildings are facing inland with the trees that become part of the design. On the opposite site exist the main road, the port and factories that produce flour.
In total there are 14 buildings, 13 of which are residential housing. The apartments are different sizes. Also, there is a 600 m2 area for shops, parking for 80 cars and an air open area of 1.200 m2.
As the flour industry of ‘Mili Kritis’ is nearby, Straw Bale is used in the noorth wall to protect against noise pollution and is also key element of the sustainable design.
This projects includes five differnt types of apartmental design. The apartments are built on a grid of 8 x 6 m and they have a height of 2, 3, or 4 floors. .

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