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This stone possesses bright colour, whose purity and depth is especially demanded by designers and architects. Besides, the conquest of the stone market by Dark Emperador is connected with its huge deposits and capacities of pits completely cover the great demand. The Dark Emperador is extracted in south Spain. The Dark Emperador is a dark brown coloured marble, with fine grain and some irregular and crossed lighter veins. It presents some occasional signs of calcite with small dimension. The Dark Emperador is a brachial type of stone. Its main variations depend normally on the different tonalities it may have (darker or lighter), but also on the amount of calcite (more or less). Brown colour is given by iron and manganese carbonates. Depending on the chosen type of processing, colour of Dark Emperador marble can be become deeper and more saturated with clear veining. If there is such task, it is necessary to choose polishing. In a case when it is necessary to achieve more muffled tone and even to clarify a stone you need honing.

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Interior Walls, Other Countertop, Interior Floors, Kitchen Countertops, Wet Areas

Good to know

The images shown on this page are indicative of the colour and characteristics of our products but cannot be 100% representative. Being made from natural materials, every tile or slab is unique in terms of tonality, colour and characteristic. These are all subject to variation depending on the type of stone and the conditions in the quarry from where it comes.

Critical to know

It’s critical to know what to expect with natural stone prior to making a selection.
1. All natural stone has inherent characteristics; it is natural; and therefore always imperfect. (Or perfectly imperfect, depending upon your view.)
2. Some materials are easier to maintain than others. Be careful to consider these details prior to choosing your material.
3. The appearance of natural stone will always patina over time. Without exception.
4. All natural stone should be set properly, sealed and maintained. This requires a well-researched setting, sealing and maintenance specification in order to avoid surprises.