• Argos Marble

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    A dark grey marble characterised by its unique style. Argos will disappear into oblivion in a space.

  • Parnonas Marble

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    Parnonas marble is a classic Greek marble, characterised by its elegant dappled grey color.

  • Aliveri Marble

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    Aliveri marble is a classic Greek marble, characterised by its elegant grey colour.

  • Demation Marble

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    Demation marble is a classic material, characterised by its natural colour.

  • Dirfis Marble

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    Dirfis marble is a classic Greek marble with an elegant grey colour . This material is suitable for bath, floor and walls *


    * the proposed implementation is simply indicative and not binding.

  • Pietra Serena Stone

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    Pietra Serena is a characteristic stone of Tuscany, and particularly of the Firenzuola basin, in the province of Florence. A very uniform grey sandstone, medium grain, sometime spotted with black or pearly points. It is a compact stone, very porous on the surface.

    By virtue of its natural elegance and versatility it is often employed for interiors decorations, both private and business settings, and for both traditional and modern furnishings, frequently matched with other materials, also not stony ones. It is also recommended for exteriors, as it shows its centenary employ in covering of facades, squares and boulevards. Many are the examples of the old tuscan city centres (like Florence, Siena and Arezzo).

    Already known by Etuscans and Romans (Tempio di Marte in Florence), it was definitively legitimise by Brunelleschi, with the Spedale degli Innocenti, San Lorenzo Curch and Santo Spirito Cathedral, just to give few examples (only in Florence). So doing Brunelleschi instructed a line ricalled many times by the architecture of the Renaissance. Nowadays it was chosen by Jobs for Apple Stores pavings.

  • Lava Stone

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    A multi-purpose volcanic stone which can bring a touch of elegance to an industrial setting or, conversely, a rugged element to the most refined setting. 

    The severe simplicity of Lava makes it suitable for a wide range of applications for both interiors and exteriors. Its intense dark shade teams up wonderfully with both bright colours and more natural hues.

  • Ceppo Di Grey Stone

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    Ceppo Di Grey is a classic Stone with a fine Grey colour.